Hoffmann postcard series C

(Compiégne. France capitulation 25.6.1940)

Do you have any postcards from this series NOT shown below?
The highest card number I know is C15.
Do you want to sell or trade them? Please contact
me at   Greetings from Denmark    Jens

C-01 C-02 C-03 C-04
C-01.jpg C-02.jpg C-03.jpg C-04.jpg
C-05 C-06 C-07 C-08
C-05.jpg C-06.jpg C-07.jpg C-08.jpg
C-09 C-10 C-11 C-12
C-09.jpg C-10.jpg C-11.jpg C-12.jpg
C-13 C-14 C-15  
C-13.jpg C-14.jpg C-15.jpg