Flämische Legion
Legion Flanders

The Legionar issues were private "Vignetten" printed and put on sale by the Legions themselves. They had no postal value, if a stamp was required then the additional stamp had to applied. The "Vignetten" were simply added for propaganda reasons and to raise funds for the various Legions. I have never seen them in a British philatelic catalogue, but they can be found in German catalogues at the end of the occupations section.

Belgium - Flemish Legion 1941-1943

23rd December 1941. The first Flemish issue was printed in blocks of four and 30.000 sets were known printed.

In 1943 the remaining sets (3680 sets) were withdrawn and overprinted with an aircraft and the year "1943". 
There was four different aircraft which could be found on each stamp, so there was four different variations of each overprint.

9th August 1943. The Kaiser set, printed in blocks of four, there were 30.000 sets, with an additional 7.000 sets imperf.

Prepared but never issued. Perf sets 6.000, Imperf sets 12.000.