Legion Frankreich
Legion France


France -LVF- 1941-1942.

The French LVF Legion, or "Légion des Volontaires Francais" produced the following issuesfor the eastern front,
which are also known used in France, but it in small numbers.

24th October 1941. The Polar Bear block, 30.000 printed.

10th December 1941. These two legion airmail stamps were withdrawn from sale five days later, to be overprinted and placed on sale again
in January 1942. Without the overprint there were 141.000 sets sold.

15th January 1942. The overprinted versions went on sale. The overprint read "Eastern Front" in both the German and the French languages.
137.574 sets were sold, no one was allowed to purchase more than 5 to 10 sets each. Most ended up in the hands of philatelists in Paris.
On 7th February 1942 the unsold stamps were withdrawn from sale and on the 8th February 1942 the rest were destroyed.

20th April 1942. The last French Legion set.

Some of the stamps have a field with the LVF coat of arms, it is depending on where the stamp was on the sheet (see below).
There was another field version with the date "2-2-42" overprinted on it, but it is more rare (see below).

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