German Occupation
Sept. 10th 1943 to Nov. 11th 1944


Quick history:
In September 1943 the Italian surrender caused a political vacuum in the Balkan Peninsula, which the Germans filled. The German postal authorities took over the post in Albania, Montenegro, Kotor, Macedonia, Laibach (Ljubijana), Zante and Zara.

The Germans occupied Albania on the 10th September 1943 and an Albania collaborational government was formed on the 14th September 1943. The German forces withdrew from Albania on 29th November 1944.

The first issue of postage stamps for Albania consisted of former Italian occupation stamps with a "14 Shtator 1943" overprint ( 14th September 1943).

22nd September 1944 The second ( and last ) Albanian issue, printed in Vienna, were charity stamps "Refugees and air raid damage" showing one of the set, all the set were of the same design, just different values and colours.