Battle area Heeresgruppe Kurland/Army Group Courland 1945


Quick history:
In October 1944 Kurland (northern Latvia) became cut off from the rest of the eastern front and resupply was almost impossible. After a while postal material was running low and the stamps in every day use, could no longer be supplied. There was however a supply of the values seldom used, and these would replace the 6 Rfg stamps which had run out (6 Rfg was the postcard rate). Stamps of 5 Rfg, 10 Rfg and 20 Rfg were overprinted "KURLAND 6 (Rfg)". The 12 Rfg stamps used for 20g letters had also run out, and these were replaced by FELDPOST parcel stamps, overprinted "KURLAND 12 (Rfg)". All of these stamps were put on sale on the 20th April 1945.