Montenegro (Macedonia)
German Occupation


Quick history:
In September 1943 the Italian surrender caused a political vacuum in the Balkan Peninsula, which the Germans filled. The German postal authorities took over the post in Albania, Montenegro, Kotor, Macedonia, Laibach (Ljubijana), Zante and Zara.

In September 1943 the German military authorities took control of Montenegro from the Italians. All stamps were Yugoslavian pre-war issues with overprint or former Italian occupation issues from 1941-1943 with overprint. The 1943 issues were in Lire and the 1944 issues were in German Reichsmark.

The German authorities in Montenegro were first known as "Feldkommandantur 1040" and soon after as "Feldkommandantur Montenegro".
Due to partisan activity postal services were restricted to the main cities and towns of Bar, Budua, Cetinje, Kotor, Podgorica and Niksic.
From January 1944 the port of Kotor used their own local issue